Dr. Joe Democko, Chiropractor

Dr. Joe received his BS Degree in Biology from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in 1987. He played varsity lacrosse and won 3 national championships. Received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1992 from Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Joe holds post graduate certificates in Neuromuscular Reeducation, as well as Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology. Dr. Joe is a member of Chi Rho Theta National Chiropractic Research Organization, the North Carolina Chiropractic Association and the American Chiropractic Association, Chamber of Commerce and Health and Wellness Alliance.

Dr. Joe has taught anatomy and physiology classes for the North Carolina Chiropractic Association course and was voted Doctor of the year in 2000. Dr. Joe practiced two years in New York and began his career in Goldsboro on November 14, 1994.

Dr. Jason Nackley, Chiropractor

Dr. Nackley was first introduced to chiropractic in college as an injured football player. Knowing certain prescribed medications were against NCAA regulations, he sought out an alternative means of getting well under the care of a Chiropractor. Dr. Nackley was amazed at the quickness and ease of healing that did not keep him off the field long and back on his way towards the NCAA championship.

Ever since then, he knew he wanted to help others as a Chiropractor.Dr. Nackley is a northern New York native, but ask him about his “roots” and he’s proud to admit he was born a Texan. He attended Hobart College near his hometown of Utica, New York and was one of the first students to develop and obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology/Movement Science. Along with playing college football and holding a part-time job throughout his schooling, he managed to maintain high grades and focus on a doctorate degree.

Following undergraduate, he attended New York Chiropractic College to fulfill his dream of becoming a Chiropractor. Don’t be fooled by Dr. Nackley’s young appearance for he is a well-traveled and experienced individual. Through personal and family acquaintances he has traveled around the globe, met and worked with all types of people, and helped them with their various ailments. Dr. Nackley has most recently taken on his greatest task of all, becoming a father. He and his wife, Sarah, are expecting their first born in August. “Chiropractic school allowed me to pursue many of the passions in my life,” says Dr. Nackley.

Being an avid athlete, he has taken his love of sports to the next level by helping other athletes become not only healthier, but utilizing all of his skills to help them become well-rounded individuals. His talent in Chiropractic has afforded him the privilege of working with athletes from all different sports levels- from “pee-wee” leagues all the way up to Olympic athletes in training. Not only was he given the opportunity to help these elite athletes with injuries, but he also counseled them in nutrition, training, pre-season conditioning and rehab exercises.

Coming from a large family, Dr. Nackley values the importance of close interpersonal relationships. He specifically chose the field of Chiropractic over any other medical field because of the close relationships that Chiropractors build with their patients. He is excited to join the “family” at Democko Chiropractic as they carry on the personalized, professional care for which they are renown.

Dr. Nackley summarizes himself as a very outgoing, fun-loving, competitive individual. “I am eager to learn about others and to share my knowledge and experience with them so that they may live healthier and happier lives.” Sounds like Goldsboro has added another outstanding and caring individual to its growing community!


Billie, Office Manager

She has worked with us for 14 years and as the office manager for 9 years. She can do everything in the office from up front, insurance, therapy and is NCCA certified to take X-rays. She has lived in Goldsboro most of her life. When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, two daughters and son and watching Carolina Basketball.

Beth, Therapist

She is from Princeton, NC but lives in Goldsboro. She studied at Wayne Community College. She has been with us for 15 years. She and her boyfriend, Tony enjoy going to the beach and spending time with family and being outdoors. She has a passion for singing. She enjoys making the patients feel at home and able to relax.

Shannon, Patient Relations/X-Ray Technician

She has been with us just over a year but has chiropractic experience for 5 years. She enjoys spending time with her two daughters and son. She is very passionate about helping patients and making sure that they feel better.

Tammy, Patient Relations

She has worked here for nearly 7 years. Most of her responsibilities involve our personal injury patients. It makes her feel good to see how Dr. Joe and Dr. Jason have helped to restore the health of so many people. She is from Wayne County and has lived and worked in Wayne County all of her life. She and her husband used to be long distance truck drivers so they are both previous patients of Dr. Joe for over 10 years now and their children are patients too.

Dr. Jennifer, DC

Dr. Jennifer has been working here since July 2010. She was first introduced to chiropractic after she hurt she back at work. She was never one to take a lot of pills, so when someone suggested chiropractic, She was skeptical, but when she thought when you are in pain, you are willing to try anything, and she is so glad she did! It was life changing experience, because not only did chiropractic help her back, she decided to help others by becoming one.

She graduated from Wayne Community College in 2004, with an Associate in Science, Mt. Olive College in 2006, with a Bachelors in Biology, and finally Palmer Chiropractic College of Florida in 2009 as a Doctor of Chiropractic. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people through chiropractic, and she is so blessed to experience that everyday!

Caroline, LMBT

Caroline has been doing massages since 2007. Her services include Specific treatment, 1 hour full body, 1 hour and a half full body and 1 hour and a half hot stone massage. Contact the office for prices. You can contact her directly at 919-922-7682 to set up an appointment.